The Otherworld Project is a collaborative online project combining worldbuilding, roleplaying, and geostrategy. It has a distinctive setting: the world of Arden. Arden is fundamentally inspired by Earth, with a large variety of countries and roughly contemporary technology: it is neither high fantasy nor science fiction.

Arden, however, is a very different place from Earth. A handful of far-flung empires still dominate the globe, and two separate civilisations compete for world hegemony, each with their own cultural and political systems. Complex strategic struggles rage between the mutually suspicious Great Powers as countries rise and fall beneath them.

The main objective of the Project is construction and experimentation in an engaging and plausible setting.

The Project is divided primarily into forums and an encyclopaedia. The forums are largely for roleplay and gameplay, while the encyclopaedia is where the setting is developed and built. All members contribute to both.