While the Project is open for new members, you should be aware of a number of things before applying to join. The application process is selective and potentially time-consuming. It may take several weeks to complete. We value quality over quantity, and any application must meet the established standards before it can be approved, regardless of the time it has taken to complete. You must be prepared to invest a significant amount of time in your application.

All applications must fit into the developed structure of the world. We will not approve applications that are self-contained ideas with no relation to the context of the Project. Moreover, we strive for a high level of realism, and applications must display a decent understanding of the topics on which they touch — politics, culture, history, language, technology. Many of our members have done significant formal research in one or more of these topics in the real world, and will subject applications to close scrutiny. You will most probably have to amend your ideas significantly before they can be approved.

A proposed country should not be:

  1. a fantasy or projection of what you would personally desire (a "Mary Sue" country),
  2. a pure wish fulfilment of being evil or cool without a realistic understanding of the Project's established features,
  3. a transplantation of a real-world country,
  4. isolated from its context in the world, or
  5. designed to be irrelevant.

Please be aware that, where applicable, your contributions on other online worldbuilding, political simulation and roleplaying projects may be taken into account when considering your application.

If you are prepared to accept these caveats, your first step should be to register on the forums. Once you have done this and activated your account, introduce yourself and, when you are ready to submit your first ideas, make a new topic in the nation creation forums. The remainder of the process will be clarified once you have done this.